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Devon foot care

More information about podiatry in Devon

Podiatry is the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the foot and lower limb.

Such treatments can involve general foot care such as nail care - thickened, hard nails, in growing toenails, corns, callus, skin and nail infections, painful verrucae, diabetic foot care and footwear advice to musculoskeletal disorders such as flat/highly arched feet, heel pain, bunions, arch pain, ankle pain, shin pain, hip and knee pain, leg length discrepancy, Achilles tendon pain, lower back pain and more.

Information about the podiatrist Chris Wood:

"I work as part of the Osteo and Physio team at The Culm Valley Integrated Centre for Health in Cullompton. I carry out all aspects of podiatry mainly concentrating on musculoskeletal conditions. I treat patients of all ages from early years to the elderly.

I have always felt the need to help people and improve lives, and Podiatry gives the ideal way to do this. I find the anatomy and functioning of the foot fascinating and aim to treat my patients efficiently and effectively to the best of my ability to offer pain relief, improve foot function and increase mobility. Treating the patients conservatively can often help reduce painful symptoms and be a first line treatment or sometimes an alternative to a surgical procedure."


If this is not what you are looking for, see our other options for feet:

Alternative foot treatments

To make a podiatry appointment with Chris Scott telephone 01884 308123
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